Okay, so now I’m up to date

We drove from Burlington to Quechee, Vermont and stayed at a very nice KOA across from a Country Store which had the most delicious shredded pork sandwiches we have ever tasted. Finally, we were able to say that we left the bad weather behind us and the temperature was perfect.  For the first time since we left we opened our windows and did not turn on the air conditioners. One night the temperature actually dipped to the mid forties where we decided to turn on the furnace just to take the chill out and also to make sure it worked. The small towns in Vermont are adorable and very quaint. You can find covered bridges almost everywhere and they are all different. One of the cutest towns, in my opinion, is Woodstock. We visited the Simon Pearce Glass Studio and boy was that an experience. The craftsmanship required is incredible and they produce only about 60 items per day, depending on inventory requirements. No mass production, there were 6-7 employees in the studio in Woodstook. We walked down the Quechee Gorge with Jackson, which is referred to as the Grand Canyon of the east coast, and he enjoyed playing in the water. 

While in Quechee we went to Lebanon, New Hampshire which is literally across the river. We were stopped in an aisle waiting for some vehicles to get out of the way so we could make either a left or right when an older lady, who was parked in the handicapped space, decided she was going to back out of her spot without looking and bang, she hit our left rear wheel area of the truck. She claimed she didn’t see us. We are only 22’ long. Had she looked, she would have seen us in every mirror of her PT Cruiser. Oh well, thank goodness nobody was hurt. Poor thing, she was so nervous she kept pulling cards and more cards out of her wallet but couldn’t find her driver’s license or insurance card. We called the police and were told that in New Hampshire the police does not respond to parking lot accidents. So we were left to sharing information and do the best we could. She called me the next day asking whether we had returned her driver’s license because she could not find it. When I told her what it was attached to, she hung up abruptly only to call me 5 minutes later to thank me. Watch out she is still on the road! We decided to repair the truck while we were in Quechee and got it back just five days later. 
We then received a phone call from our youngest daughter, Ashley, telling us that she got a job on a 72’ 78 year old ketch, the S/V Ticonderoga, which would sailed out of Camden, Maine on August 3, 2013. She would be sailing around the northeast United States for 6 months and then in the Caribbean for the another 6 months. She would be hosting and helping the crew with various responsibilities. For that, she even gets paid. What a deal! 
So on to Camden, Maine we went looking forward to meeting Ashley and the three other crew members she would be with for a while. When we arrived, I was again very surprised at how pretty and cute Camden is. It reminds me of Annapolis, MD in a way.
We met Ashley for lobster dinner and then the marina took us out to the Ticonderoga, which was hooked on a mooring ball. When we went aboard, we were impressed at how good she looked. She was amazingly beautiful she was both inside and out. We shared a drink in the salon with the Captain, visited with the other crew members, Christina the cook and Nick the deckhand. We hope Ashley has a wonderful time as this will be the experience of a lifetime and who knows what it will lead to.
The Ticonderoga is owned by a State Senator and he often brings his family and/or friends along.  As parents, we felt much better checking Ashley’s new endeavor out before she sailed away. Best wishes Ashley for a great sailing!
I promise to post pictures as soon as I have phone reception.

We left Camden and crossed the border uneventfully.  We had heard horror stories about border patrol officers ransacking units looking for drugs.  I’m glad we don’t look threatening, although by looking in the mirror, I would strongly disagree.  Even poor Jackson looked worn out.  

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