The Cabot Trail

We decided to drive the southern portion of the Cabot Trail as it is 184 miles long in its entirety.  So we started off by getting in our second ferry on this journey.  This one is from Englishtown to Jersey Cove.  The entire trip was not 10 minutes, but it saved us 45 minutes of driving.  The day was beautiful, 74 degrees and sunny. Jackson came along for the drive, as the minute he hears the word “ready” he sits by the door and gives us the sad eyes. Lately, we don’t even put a leash on him.  He exits the unit and goes directly to the truck waiting for us to open the door so he can jump in.  We are pretty impressed, but realize that it is probably very short lived as our site is on the side of a very rocky mountain and I’m sure has limited smells.

We were only going as far as Ingonish (accent on the ish), but when we got there we thought about going a bit further. There are many artisan shops along the way and each unique. Celtic and Irish influence the area, so much so that the names for the roads are identified in both English and then in Gaelic below. The Gaelic College is located here as well.  We will have to go see it before we leave.

It was close to lunch time and we stopped at a restaurant located off the beat and path in Neal’s Harbour.  The view and its grounds were spectacular.  They also had the best seafood chowder we have ever had.  You could actually see the large chunks of lobster, shrimp, and crab in the chowder. 

We were so close to the top of the island that we decided to go for it after talking to some locals who said that the best part of the Cabot Trail is the part we would not see if we opted to go back.  On we went and we were not disappointed.  I don’t know how to start describing this part of the country.  It is currently all very green and lush. The road hugs the mountains, then a hairpin turn and all of a sudden you see the beautiful ocean as a backdrop. It is just awesome.  We could spend hours just marveling at the sight. The next stop was more beautiful than the previous one. We stopped at many lookouts and artisan shops and the next thing we knew we had almost driven the entire trail, which ends in Baddeck (accent on the deck).  We stopped at the pier to pick up some lobster and mussels for dinner.   Dinner was delicious.  Tomorrow we will go on a whale watching expedition, where we hope to see at least one whale. Jackson will stay home and the owners of the park will walk him in the event we are late coming back.

We’ll keep you posted.

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