Whale Watching in Pleasant Bay

Today we decided to go whale watching on the northeastern corner of Nova Scotia in a very small town, Pleasant Bay.  As everyone knows, no one can guarantee see a whale as they are not on a schedule.  We drove about 2 1/2 hours, we boarded a zodiac raft and motored out of the bay into the Atlantic Ocean.  We had not been there but a short time and saw a pod of about 12-15 pilot whales.  They quickly began swimming all around us and playing with each other.  It was amazing to see these huge whales, usually about 20 feet long, dive in, swim and play around our raft.  It actually is very exciting.  We also had the opportunity to view several gray seals, also swimming and looking at us, probably wondering if we have nothing better to do.

Pilot whales are approximately 15 – 20 feet in length, followed in size only by Orkas.

Sea caves

Gray seals

Jackson stayed in the unit today and by the looks of it, he too apparently had an excellent time.  The owners of the campground took him out for several walks during the day, or shall I say Jackson walked the owners several times.   However, it must have been enjoyable for both as they  commented on what a good and quiet boy he was.  

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