Arriving at Hubbard’s Beach

We arrived in Hubbard’s Beach Campground and immediately realized that the site was going to be really tight to get into.  When you camp in campgrounds the people around you are usually very helpful.  The people here were no exception.  I usually get out of the truck and immediately survey the area and then start giving John directions on how to back up.  Well, two gentlemen, both holding glasses of wine, decided that both were going to also give John directions.  John now has three people telling him what to do.  He tried backing up into the site three times, each unsucessfully.  As most of you know, I am not the most tactful person around and I was getting frustrated.  I understand that people just want to be helpful, so I tried my best and yelled at John.  “Hey, focus.  You need to listen to only one person, so figure out which person you are going to listen to and follow their instructions. Just tell me who you are going to listen to so I don’t have to worry about it.   Just remember, happy wife, happy life!”

I hadn’t realized that most of the campers were watching us pull in, first because we have a really big unit, and second because the site we were assigned to go into was really tight. After hearing what I told John, the neighbors were cheering me on.  ie. you go girl, etc.  I was so embarassed.  

Funny,  he decided to listen to me and backed the unit in on the very next try.

Tomorrow we drive to Lunenberg.  Can’t wait.  I’ve been told it’s a beautiful maritime town.

1 thought on “Arriving at Hubbard’s Beach

  1. Hi Alina & John: Frank and I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts over coffee every morning (living vicariously through your adventures)! Love the pictures and your Cuban personality (Alina) coming through in your posts. When you write “Look at me – Focus” I can just hear you..too funny! Enjoy your adventure and keep on go girl!! Val & Frank Arrigoni

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