Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia

We arrived at our campground near Parrsboro, Nova Scotia and got a premier spot, right on the edge of the Bay.  For those who do not know, the Bay of Fundy is the only place in the world where the tides range 40-50 feet each day.  It’s an unbelievable sight to see and experience.  We are staying at a place called Five Islands Campground because the view is literally of 5 islands on the bay.

When we arrived, the tide was out, so all we saw was endless mud almost reaching the 5 islands you see just below.  We hurried up with the set up of the unit and all of the yucky, necessary requirements, fed Jackson and then….. all three of us actually went walking on the bottom of the ocean.  Yep, John and I felt like little kids. I usually don’t like walking on mud, but this was definitely an exception. Jackson was in doggy heaven, sniffing away.

Being of Florida, as you know, our tides do not exceed 2-4 feet, so seeing tides rise to 40 – 50 feet is nothing but amazing.

View from our campsite – tide in

It takes about 6 hours 13 minutes for the tide to roll in and it is just incredible how fast and steady it returns.

Pictures to be posted next

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