Yeah!!!! We are back in the States

We came to the border crossing and out comes a male border patrol who looked somewhat grumpy and he was walking toward us, if you could call it walking.  It appeared like thumping to us.  He looked upset.  He wanted us to back up and try to go through the RV lane.  Who is he kidding, that lane was all the way to the left. Mind you, about 1/4 mile before the crossing there was a sign with the following pictures in this order:  arrow to the left – which we assumed meant return to Canada; a picture of a car; then a picture of a truck.  There were no pictures of anything else, so where would you go if you had an RV with a 13’6″ clearance. We assumed and followed the picture of the truck.  When we passed those signs, we began bearing to the right and it was only when we came within yards of the crossing booths that we saw a sign for the RV lane all the way to the left. (Pretty stupid if you ask me).  I thought about telling him, but didn’t.  I really wanted to come back to the USA. The lady border patrol, who actually took care of us, was actually very nice.  We apologized for using the incorrect lane to which she responded, no problem it happens all the time.  I wonder why they don’t fix the signage.  I guess it’s better to harass people than to correct a situation.  The male border patrol asked us for the keys to our unit and went for a search.  He found only 1 pepper and some strawberries in the fridge, which we should not have brought across the border, but chose not to seize anything.  On to the US we went.

We arrived at Pumpkin Patch RV Resort in Hermon, Maine which is a small town on the outskirts of Bangor.  We ran into the two couples, which we had previously met a Hubbards Beach in Nova Scotia.  Remember the two guys who were drinking wine and were trying to tell John how to back up?  Well, we had dinner with them and had a really good time.

Today, we drove to another small town on the coast known as Brooksville.  We met with a lovely, lovely couple, Joe and Norma Adam who have been married 59 years.  They summer in Brooksville and winter in Maryland.  Norma grew up in Brooksville, obviously knows everyone and is related to most everyone except some of the newcomers.  These newcomers have been around for only 20 years.  They own a little less than an acre, she is the gardener and he built all the furniture in their home. Frankly, his furniture is better built than some I’ve seen in some fancy stores and her gardening skills are amazing.  She grows vegetables, flowers and shrubs that I’ve never seen in my life. They are one of the most active young seniors I have ever had the pleasure to meet. 

Joe used to work in John’s local in Miami as the training director. He was the person who was in charge of accepting John into the local’s apprenticeship school. He later worked for the UA International Union as the Director of Safety and Health.  We had lunch with them and they took us to a really nice road diner, owned by one of Norma’s relatives, since there are no other culinary choices around for miles.  Joe drove us there and, trust me, he drove like a bat out of hell on these curvy roads. The diner is located on a very pretty lake and the haddock sandwiches were amazing.

When we returned to the unit, we took Jackson to an off leash park and he had a great afternoon as well.  He got so dirty that I would not let him in the unit without a bath.  He reminded me of a typical little boy who goes out to play and returns home filthy.

Tomorrow we ride bikes, then pack and Thursday we will be off to Portland for another conference that John has been assigned to. Jackson will be staying at an excellently rated kennel, here in Bangor.  We will be leaving the unit in this campground until we return on Sunday.

More to come… stay with us.

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