Finally, we are in Bar Harbor, Maine

We finally arrived at Mount Desert Island, Maine and are staying in a campground on the water, which is right before the bridge that connects the mainland to the island. There are so many lobster pounds around here that the smell just permeates the air.  Between the lobsters and the smell of the ocean, I’m having trouble concentrating.  The first few days we were here, it rained very hard and then it drizzled and then it rained like a monsoon, non-stop for hours and hours. At night, it felt like we would need a boat in the morning.  As you know, regardless of the weather, Jackson must do what he has to do, so off we went for a walk wearing our foul weather gear.  We opted to go for a walk up to the corner lobster pound and pick up some lobstah for dinner.  It was only drizzling on our way to the pound but by the time we had ordered our meal, it turned into a downpour. Jackson had never been in a downpour before.  Usually he goes around pulling us so he can smell his surroundings, but this time, he quickly got under the ordering counter and wouldn’t move until it was time for us to leave. Poor mutt.  I think he was traumatized.  Nothing that a warm bath can’t take care of. 

We were getting cabin fever so we opted to go for a drive around the island.  We arrived in Bar Harbor and it was very foggy.  Bar Harbor is a small town with many activities.  The stores are really cute and quaint.

We then continued our drive to Southwest Harbor and ate lunch at yet another highly recommended lobster pound. This one was on the water, yet off the beat and path and the ambiance was wonderful.

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day.  John and I met very long time friends, Dave and Vivian Kendall, who were on a Royal Caribbean cruise and Bar Harbor happened to be one of their ports of call.  By coincidence, their arrival and our stay coincided, so we connected and took a tour around the park loop of Acadia National Park.  When we arrived at the park’s entrance ready to pay the $20.00 admission fee, the ranger asked John’s age.  When John told him he was 62, he was given the deal of his life.  For $10.00 he now has a lifetime pass to “all” the National Parks.  I guess it does pays to be old.

We visited Thunder Hole, the Otter Cliffs, Jordan Pond and Cadillac Mountain, which is the highest elevation in Maine.

Thunder Hole in low tide   

Mennonites enjoying the view

Otter Cliffs

Jordan Pond

View from Cadillac Mountain – highest elevation in Maine

The Schooner is the Margaret Todd and she is 151 foot long.
When we returned to Bar Harbor, Vivian and I walked around the shops while the boys sat at the corner pub enjoying some cold beer.  We caught up to them and while having something to drink, lo and behold who do I see, a huge group of Mennonites coming our way.  They all had name tags.  I had yet one of my moments and saw an older guy who had a full white beard, just like Santa Claus, and I called out to him, “Hello there Amos”.  Poor Amos, his facial expression was priceless. He looked like he was just about to have a fit.  Of course he didn’t know me, but he could not understand why I would greet him, as usually nobody ever talks to them. So he walked toward me with that puzzled look on his face and I asked where he was from.  He answered in short one word answers that he was from Pennsylvania.  I told him probably from Lancaster?  Again, he looked surprised. I asked him from where exactly and he said Intercourse.  I told him about us staying in New Holland at Spring Gulch.  There you go.  We hit it off and had a great conversation from then on.  That means the conversations consisted of sentences not just single word answers. Amos had a friend who was walking with him, his name was Ephraim.  Ephraim told me that his wife cleaned the bathrooms at Spring Gulch.  I told him that we had gone to the Green Dragon, which if you remember is the great big flea market that they don’t really advertise and which takes place only on Fridays.  By then some ladies/wives had joined the group. I then told them that they made the absolute best ice cream, Lapps.  Well wouldn’t you know that one of the ladies was a cousin of the people who owned Lapps. So the conversation continued and progressed to how many children Amos has.  He has 2 and 1/2 dozen children.  I swear I’m not making it up. So he asked me and I told him that we have tv’s and that I only have 3.  To which they all laughed and started to break up the conversation as they had to leave, as did our friends, Dave and Vivian, who were getting ready to board the tender which would take them back to the cruiseship. 

The tales will continue….

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