Portland and Bangor, Maine

John had yet another conference.  This time in Portland, Maine.  We really didn’t know what to do with the unit even though the hotel reservation agent told us that we could park it in their employee parking lot.  We opted at the last minute to leave the unit in the campground in Bangor. When we arrived at the hotel, we were so glad we didn’t take the unit with us.  The roads were narrow and we never did figure out where the employees’ parking lot was.  All I know is that because our truck is tall, we could not even park it on the regular underground parking lot so we had to go park it in the parking overflow, which was about a block away.  If by chance that was the employee parking lot, which it probably was because we never saw another one nearby, we would have never been able to get it in, let alone get it out.  The lady who told us we could park it in the lot, underestimated the size of this big boy.

During his conference, the hosts sponsored a dinner of lots and lots and lots and lots of lobstah, amongst mussels, clams, corn, etc.  No one was limited to just one AND THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.  We had soft shell lobsters and they are wonderful as you do not need need any cracking tools.

We enjoyed the Portland area.  I loved the various marinas. Like everywhere else, some are small, small larger. Some dock large, really expensive yachts and nearby dock working boats.  This gives you a much different feeling when walking around the docks.  There is so much to see. The architecture is unique, the buildings mostly brownstones. Some side streets are cobblestone and I even had the pleasure of sighting a beautiful antique car. Can anyone guess what it is?  I came across a chain link fence with all kinds of locks connected to it. The fence is called the Fences of Love. Each lock is dedicated to someone.

We left Jackson in a kennel which had excellent reviews in Bangor. The little stinker had a great time and even got a great report card.  We had never received a report card from a kennel before.  If it were left up to us, he would never receive such a great report card as he constantly steals our camping chairs and claims them as his. He also steals our places on the sofa and loungers and we either have to move or squeeze in with him, because he just won’t move. Oh well… as you all know by now, our unit was purchased for the comfort and convenience of our dog.

We leave for Bar Harbor in the morning and can’t wait. Everyone we have talked to has given it great reviews and claim that it’s the prettiest place they’ve been to in Maine.

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