View of Mount Dessert Island via Cessna and Hike on Jordan Pond

John’s been bugging me about taking a bi-plane or a glider ride or even a Cessna for a ride around the island.  The thought was intriguing but I was not sold.  I don’t like small planes and all of those choices sounded pretty dismal and not too exiting to me. Fortunately for me, the weather was not cooperating so I could put it off.  Well, today was another absolutely amazing day. Last night the temperatures dropped to the mid 40’s and by early morning it was in the 50’s.  I walked Jackson and honestly it did not feel that cold.  Is something wrong with me? I even had to remove my jacket as I felt warm.  When we returned from the walk, John was ready to go.  Go where? Out for a drive, maybe find a place that we could take Jackson for a long, long, walk.  During the drive, he says, it really is a beautiful day for a plane ride.  I had to agree, if we were going to go on a plane ride, which ultimately he would wear me down and we would go, this should be the day to do it, as there was not a cloud in the sky.  We signed up for a Cessna flight and even Jackson got to go.  It was beautiful to see the island from the air. You could see the rugged coastlines, the various homes, inlets, villages and different lighthouses sprinkled around the area.  I was queasy for a good portion of the ride. Apparently Jackson was a little nervous too because he peeked out the window and then would lay down on the seat.  If he could speak he probably would tell us, how come the birds are below me and my paws don’t touch the ground?  Mom, Dad what are you doing to me? 

When we landed he rushed out and peed for a long, long time. We probably scared the pee out of him.  Poor dog, bad parents.

We had delicious haddock sandwiches and took Jackson for a hike around Jordan Pond.  This was a lovely 3 mile hike which took about 1 1/2 hours. It starts out as a smooth trail, and then it gets a little rocky, then very rocky and then the wooden trail begins.

Jackson found a loon and was determined to get the poor thing.  He literally got off the trail and climbed on to some rocks.  Thank goodness John had him on a leash.

Jordan Pond Home.  This is where the famous popovers are served with tea on the lawn overlooking the pond.

Upon our return to the campground, we saw the most interesting thing.  I swear I will never call John excessive again. Until the next time, that is….

Now THAT is a big boy!!!! 

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