On our way to Provincetown, MA

We are staying in Sandwich, which is on the northern entrance part of the Cape in a campground that probably has 10 other campers, at best.  All others are seasonal, so you feel you are camping within a community.  It has two beaches of Peters Pond and lots and lots of areas to walk. We left this morning on our way to Provincetown, MA, also known as Ptown.  If you have ever been to Key West, you can probably imagine Ptown except that people share the same roads that the cars drive on and everything is a bit more flamboyant.  It is also a bit larger than Key West and has the absolute best dog park ever.  No grass, no dirt and/or mud, just small pebbles so dogs are not filthy when they are done playing. We took a pedicab to tour the area as our truck is far too large for the narrow, crowded roads.

Provincetown is where the Pilgrims first landed and from there they sailed to Plymouth. To commemorate this, a monument was erected and stands tall right in the middle of town.

We had lunch at Bubala’s by the Sea and sat by the road, as that is where dogs are allowed.  Great place, fantastic view of our favorite sport, people watching.  We were certainly kept entertained.

Lunch at Bubala’s by the Bay




We meet some friends tomorrow from Boston and who knows what we will do.  We will keep you posted.

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