Finally, the bugs are gone!!!

When we arrived in Southern Georgia, I saw yet another Virginia bug. It seems like the more I kill, the more I see. Totally disgusted and having fits, I started to clean and remove every single item from each and every cabinet, moved couches, cleaned closets, inspected clothing and shoes. Needless to say, I have now cleaned every single inch of the unit and thankfully haven’t seen one since. I now find out that these little creatures are called:
“The brown marmorated stink bug has invaded Southwest Virginia and surrounding areas with a vengeance, after travelling down from Pennsylvania via East Asia a little more than a decade ago. They’re characterized by a marbled brown color, a shield-like shape, and scent glands on the abdomen and thorax that produce a pungent odor.”

‘Yuck’ finally, the war is over!!!!  I found 4 bugs in separate places and they are now all gone.  Southwest Virginia, sorry, although you are a beautiful place to see, I will avoid you in the future. 

Tomorrow we will be in the Florida panhandle. 

Clemson, South Carolina

We arrived in Clemson, South Carolina really excited to see our son and daughter-in-law, Randy and Carolyn and our daughter, Katrina, who flew up for the Clemson v. FSU game. We were also excited to again see our friends Dave and Vivian Kendall, whom we saw a few months before in Bar Harbor, Maine.  We also met with our former neighborhood friends, Bruce and Mary Clare Hadsell and Lisa Cottle Norton, mother of Clemson’s Center, Ryan Norton #58, his father, Ralph Norton and his wife, Diane.  We had an amazing tailgate real close to the stadium, however, regarding the game…  sorry, what?  Did we have a game?

We then left to head for Tallahassee for yet another football game, UM v. FSU, with a stop over in southern Georgia.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

We arrived in Chapel Hill excited to see some old friends from Palm City, Pauli and Mike Hensen.  We went to dinner at the Carolina Brewery and had a great time.  The following day we met John’s cousins as they also came to Chapel Hill for the game.  They came to see the unit and then we went to dinner.
Since I hadn’t seen the pesky bugs for a day or so, I thought it was over, but to my surprise, two of those disgusting bugs chose to make themselves part of the walls.  John’s cousin told me they were Kudzu beetles and that they were common in the south and furthermore, that they multiply like crazy. Great, just great!  

However, to be honest, we lived in South Carolina several years and never saw these little suckers. Saw others, but not these.  But not being an entomologist, I just kept killing them as I saw them, hoping that they would very soon be eradicated.

We went to the football game, which Miami won!  We met up with Rick Jr., who turned 40 on the 19th, along with some of his longtime friends.

We had a wonderful time and left for Clemson the following day.

Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

We arrived at the campground near Harrisonburg, Virginia and John was not feeling well.  He came down with a cold and was in bed just about the entire time we spent there.  Even though we were staying at a KOA, which are usually the better campgrounds, he told me he didn’t like the campground. I dismissed it as him being grumpy because he was not feeling well and had not been outside the unit for several days.  But….I had noticed that everywhere I looked I found these weird little flat bugs, which I continued to squish and kill.  I was glad when we left, as I thought we had gotten rid of the little suckers.

When we left Virginia and headed to Chapel Hill, North Carolina for the UM v. UNC football game and the little suckers followed us.  The just kept appearing in odd spots in the unit. One behind the couch, then the next day another on the ceiling in the bedroom at night, another on the floor in the carpet, another in the walls by the door and I was going nuts.  

I agree with John, after that experience, I didn’t care much for the area either.

Oh Beautiful Leaves – New Hampshire

Everyone who has had the opportunity and good forturne to see the leaves turn in the Northeast say it is amazing.  We have seen leaves turn in the south but nothing compares to the bright colors we saw.  We met up with Stan and Jo Hines, a Texas couple whom we met while in Vermont. Together we drove the Kancamagus Highway, which is a rite of passage several times, each more beautiful than the time before.

We went up the lift of Loon Mountain Ski Resort

We then drove around Lake Winnipesaukee

And now, on to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia

Newport, Rhode Island

Since we were in Connecticut, we drove the short distance to Newport, Rhode Island.  There we were met Donna and Bill Turner, sailors of a 44′ Hunter.  We had a magnificent time touring the area and. of course, eating and drinking, what else?


The Vanderbilt Mansion

Next, off to see the leaves turn!  Can’t wait.

Connecticut and Long Island, New York

After leaving the Cape we drove to Connecticut so we could again rendezvous with Ashley in Westbrook and then to Long Island to meet with long time friends and watch the Stoneybrook game against Townsend.

We picked Ashley and her crewmates up and brought them to the campground for a lobster and salmon dinner. Yummy.


The following night we drove to New Haven, CT to meet with 

Laura Butts and Craig Parzynski, friends of Katrina’s, to eat at Pepe’s Pizza, which is well known small establishment in New Haven.  The pizza was delicious!

We drove Ashley back to the Ticonderoga which was docked for maintenance in Westbrook.  Soon she takes off for the Caribbean.

A typical street in Westbrook

The Ticonderoga

The following day we took a ferry to Long Island from New London, Connecticut and this time we left Jackson in the campground to be cared for by the manager’s children.  The day was going to be very long so I’m sure he appreciated that.  

When we arrived in Long Island we were very impressed and surprised at how different it is from what we expected to see. This is a place where vineyards, beautiful fields and countryside abound.

Lunch at Danfords

Tailgating at Stoneybrook Yacht Club —- Ooh la la…..

Old time friend George Phillips

Tomorrow we leave for New Hampshire to see the leaves turn.

On to Martha’s Vineyard

We had to take a ferry to go to Martha’s Vineyard from Hyannis Port.  

Arriving at Vineyard Haven

We rented a jeep so we could drive around and see the island

The busiest towns are, of course, Vineyard Haven, Oak Bluffs and Edgartown, which are the towns where the ferries dock. Some of the “smaller” homes overlooking the water are incredible.

The Gay Head lighthouse is at the southern most part of the island, Aquinnah, and the view from there is just beautiful.

Our drive back from Aquinnah to Vineyard Haven — ahhh just heavenly.

It was time to get back to the mainland.  So, back to the ferry we went.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Our friends, Betty and Kevin Cotter who live in Boston, Massachusetts so they visited us in Sandwich.  We drove around for a while looking at the nearby sites and ended up in Sandwich at the Daniel Webster Inn for an exquisite lunch of lobster macaroni and cheese.  Yummy!

When we drove around some more and came across an already harvested cranberry bog.  I can just imagine the Ocean Spray guys up to their hips in this stuff.