Connecticut and Long Island, New York

After leaving the Cape we drove to Connecticut so we could again rendezvous with Ashley in Westbrook and then to Long Island to meet with long time friends and watch the Stoneybrook game against Townsend.

We picked Ashley and her crewmates up and brought them to the campground for a lobster and salmon dinner. Yummy.


The following night we drove to New Haven, CT to meet with 

Laura Butts and Craig Parzynski, friends of Katrina’s, to eat at Pepe’s Pizza, which is well known small establishment in New Haven.  The pizza was delicious!

We drove Ashley back to the Ticonderoga which was docked for maintenance in Westbrook.  Soon she takes off for the Caribbean.

A typical street in Westbrook

The Ticonderoga

The following day we took a ferry to Long Island from New London, Connecticut and this time we left Jackson in the campground to be cared for by the manager’s children.  The day was going to be very long so I’m sure he appreciated that.  

When we arrived in Long Island we were very impressed and surprised at how different it is from what we expected to see. This is a place where vineyards, beautiful fields and countryside abound.

Lunch at Danfords

Tailgating at Stoneybrook Yacht Club —- Ooh la la…..

Old time friend George Phillips

Tomorrow we leave for New Hampshire to see the leaves turn.

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