Chapel Hill, North Carolina

We arrived in Chapel Hill excited to see some old friends from Palm City, Pauli and Mike Hensen.  We went to dinner at the Carolina Brewery and had a great time.  The following day we met John’s cousins as they also came to Chapel Hill for the game.  They came to see the unit and then we went to dinner.
Since I hadn’t seen the pesky bugs for a day or so, I thought it was over, but to my surprise, two of those disgusting bugs chose to make themselves part of the walls.  John’s cousin told me they were Kudzu beetles and that they were common in the south and furthermore, that they multiply like crazy. Great, just great!  

However, to be honest, we lived in South Carolina several years and never saw these little suckers. Saw others, but not these.  But not being an entomologist, I just kept killing them as I saw them, hoping that they would very soon be eradicated.

We went to the football game, which Miami won!  We met up with Rick Jr., who turned 40 on the 19th, along with some of his longtime friends.

We had a wonderful time and left for Clemson the following day.

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