Finally, the bugs are gone!!!

When we arrived in Southern Georgia, I saw yet another Virginia bug. It seems like the more I kill, the more I see. Totally disgusted and having fits, I started to clean and remove every single item from each and every cabinet, moved couches, cleaned closets, inspected clothing and shoes. Needless to say, I have now cleaned every single inch of the unit and thankfully haven’t seen one since. I now find out that these little creatures are called:
“The brown marmorated stink bug has invaded Southwest Virginia and surrounding areas with a vengeance, after travelling down from Pennsylvania via East Asia a little more than a decade ago. They’re characterized by a marbled brown color, a shield-like shape, and scent glands on the abdomen and thorax that produce a pungent odor.”

‘Yuck’ finally, the war is over!!!!  I found 4 bugs in separate places and they are now all gone.  Southwest Virginia, sorry, although you are a beautiful place to see, I will avoid you in the future. 

Tomorrow we will be in the Florida panhandle. 

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