Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

We arrived at the campground near Harrisonburg, Virginia and John was not feeling well.  He came down with a cold and was in bed just about the entire time we spent there.  Even though we were staying at a KOA, which are usually the better campgrounds, he told me he didn’t like the campground. I dismissed it as him being grumpy because he was not feeling well and had not been outside the unit for several days.  But….I had noticed that everywhere I looked I found these weird little flat bugs, which I continued to squish and kill.  I was glad when we left, as I thought we had gotten rid of the little suckers.

When we left Virginia and headed to Chapel Hill, North Carolina for the UM v. UNC football game and the little suckers followed us.  The just kept appearing in odd spots in the unit. One behind the couch, then the next day another on the ceiling in the bedroom at night, another on the floor in the carpet, another in the walls by the door and I was going nuts.  

I agree with John, after that experience, I didn’t care much for the area either.

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