Getting Ready for a Totally New Adventure

Our decision to become full time RVers was not hastily made.  Both John and I have always enjoyed traveling and knew that upon our retirements, that was exactly what we were going to do.  Last year, as most of you already know, we purchased a Heartland Landmark 40′ fifth wheel with all possible upgrades and traveled for five months throughout the northeastern states and even ventured into Nova Scotia.  We had a magnificent time and enjoyed it so much that the bug to continue traveling bit even harder.  So after long, late night conversations and much deliberation, we decided to rent the house, rid ourselves of all our furniture, and to store only the most valuable possessions, such as photographs, memorabilia, and the like in a very small storage unit which will be available to us upon our “to be determined” return.  Some of our friends believe we are crazy, which we are, of course.  But its a good crazy.  We have opted to live life to its fullest and enjoy each moment.  What more could anyone want than to share such an experience with their best friend. As far as Jackson is concerned, he will love it for sure, as he is just coming along for the ride and I bet he can’t wait to sniff out new smells.

Our son, Randy and his wife, Carolyn, are expecting their first child in August and we are very excited to soon meet the new Baby L.  The Lindstrom spontaneity is also evident in our daughters.  Katrina will begin working as a traveling speech pathologist all over the country and our free-spirit Ashley is currently in Curacao working for an underwater filming production company.  All are very happy.

On Friday, March 14, 2014 our journey begins with a small trip up to see John’s mother and then on to Eustis, Florida for a Heartland rally.  We will return to Palm City on March 24 to say goodbye to our friends and neighbors and will be staying at Phipps Park as the house will be totally empty.

Can’t wait.  See you soon!

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