OBX – A Beautiful Place to Visit

We arrived at the Outer Banks and headed for Ocean Waves Campground in Waves, NC.  The Outer Banks is a 200 mile stretch of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina.  The northern stretch is the most populated, but it is all beautiful.  The dunes are the highest on the eastern coast and a view of the water is not possible.

Ocean Waves Campground

We could hear the roaring of the waves right from our campsite and over the dunes separating the campground is the most amazing beach.  

Jackson loved it as well.  There is where he began to chase after crabs and on his daily walks he knew were the crabs were and just wanted to walk along the beach.

The wind is fierce here.  We did not extend the awnings for the most part, but it is heavenly for the kite flyers, surfers, but especially the windsurfers.  It is such a treat to watch how they conquer the wind and the waves.  There is even a glider school at Jockey Ridge.  It is all just awesome.

We decided to go exploring and drove north to Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills and continued on to Duck.  We visited some lighthouses, had wings and beer for lunch and had a great time all around. 

Bodie Lighthouse:

The following day we decided to drive south and took the ferry to Ocracoke Island.  I LOVED Ocracoke Island and would return there in a heartbeat.

Ocracoke Lighthouse

We have loved our stay in the Outer Banks.  Tomorrow we leave for Gloucester, Virginia.

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