Our stay in the Virginia Middle Peninsula.

We left the Outer Banks toward the middle peninsula of Virginia. We had to travel through our very first underwater tunnel, of course, hauling the RV.   It was a bit unnerving, but were very thankful there were no accidents in the tunnel and soon enough, we were out.  I guess I’ve watched to many movies.

We arrived at Chesapeake Bay RV Park, which sits on the banks of the Piankatank River.  As soon as we set up camp, we drove south to Newport News to meet one of John’s second cousins, Lindsay and her husband Tim and their two daughters, Colden and Ashlynn at the Crab House.  I ate steamed blue crabs for the very first time and never have I had to work so hard for my meal.  It was enjoyable nevertheless.  It was really nice to see Lindsay and her family and to finally meet Tim.  The sunset view from the restaurant was gorgeous!

While at Chesapeake Bay, we drove around Gloucester, VA.  Gloucester is the oldest living village in Virginia.  The architectural example of the Courthouse Circle in Gloucester’s Historic District dates back to 1766.

We left Chesapeake Bay and arrived at Beth Page Campground in Urbanna, VA. for a manufacturer’s national rally.  OMG this place truly was amazing!!!  The campground is humongous.  It even has a waterpark for the kids   They had activities galore. It reminded me of being on a cruiseship. I had not yet seen a place like this, although I hear there are several along Myrtle Beach, SC.  The sites are very spacious and are separated by pine trees, planted in such a way that you can even hang a hammock, if you wish.

We learned that friends from Palm City, Dawn and Rick Johnson were staying at Colonial Beach and agreed to meet halfway in a small (I mean small) town of Warsaw to have lunch.  Well, when we arrived at the place with the best reviews in town, it was closed even though their hours of operation indicated otherwise.  We began calling other establishments and their numbers were disconnected.  We began to wonder if anyone in that town ever went out to eat.  We found a small italian restaurant where we were the ONLY customers, yikes, so we opted to have subs, something simple and difficult to mess up.  Nevertheless we had a fun lunch and caught up on our adventures.

While at Beth Page, there was a vendor who made stained glass entry door windows.  John bought one decorated with palm trees to remind us of our home state.  He did a fabulous job on the installation and it looks amazing.

Before:  From the factory….


Lots of seminars were held and not only did we learn much, we now have way more questions.

We have met so many new friends and look forward to seeing them again next June in Goshen, Indiana where next year’s national rally will be held.

We will be leaving for Myrtle Beach, SC tomorrow.  

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