In the Grand Strand…and in search for the perfect hammock!

We arrived in the Grand Strand and stayed at the KOA in Myrtle Beach.  John had warned me that Myrtle Beach was too commercialized and that there were way too many people.  Regardless, I really wanted to go as I had always heard of people vacationing in Myrtle Beach.  So, off to Myrtle we went.  The KOA is a really nice park and although very large, it is small in comparison to others in the area.  I knew that the area would have many amusement parks, mini-golf courses and that there would be restaurants at least every 20 feet.  What I found was just a giant playground.  The campgrounds are unbelievable.  They are a world of their own.  Some are right on the beach but are so large that if your site is toward the back of the park, it would literally take you about 10 -15 minutes to walk to the beach, which is why we opted for the KOA.  It has the inevitable pools and pool amusement area, but it is full of trees, which made our site really nice, although not so much if you want to use the satellite dish.  Who cares, we’ve got cable.  Even with our windows closed and the air conditioner running we’d wake up to the sounds of birds chirping.  It actually is very relaxing although once you leave the grounds, the chaos is all around you.

I really wanted to drive around and explore so off to see Pawley’s Island and Lichtfield Beach we went.  I had heard much about them, plus Pawley’s Island is the home for the Original Hammocks.  Sure enough, we purchased a hammock AND a stand so we could enjoy it regardless of whether we are surrounded by trees or not.

Pawley’s Island:

A Pawley’s Island Original Hammock – just heavenly!  Reminds me of our backyard back in Florida.

Myrtle Beach allows dogs on the beach, but only before 9:00 a.m. and after 5:00 p.m.  Jackson was really excited as he probably thought there were more crabs to be hunted.  He was in for a surprise though.  The sand here is packed, not loose like in the Outer Banks, so the crabs are neither quite as visible nor as plentiful as he was probably anticipating.  He kept on sniffing and sniffing and looking at us perhaps wondering where the little critters were hiding?  He was quite startled when a portion of the packed sand back into the ocean.  Of course, we amuse ourselves easily.

This is a unique vacation destination.  It is incredibly crowded and what is most interesting is that there is seaside amusement park, including a water park and even a ferris wheel.    

I can tell we are getting old…  We talked about riding the ferris wheel at night, but kept making excuses and ended up not pursuing the opportunity.   Today we left Myrtle Beach and arrived in Charleston, SC.  

We are so excited about finally seeing our son and daughter-in-law. Her baby shower is Saturday and we really excited!

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