Ughhh – Our first real issue this year.

We arrived in Charleston, SC and have been here for several days connecting with old friends, Randy and Carolyn and preparing for Carolyn’s baby shower.  Katrina was able to fly in last night from Cheyenne to attend as well.   Everything is good.

Last night however, was a real treat.  First of all, my sinuses are acting up so I decided to drive to Walgreens before the storm arrived.  I hadn’t quite made it back and it began to rain with vengeance.  We knew we had already secured everything as best we could and then suddenly the power went out.  We decided to just go to sleep.  About 1 a.m., we heard fire trucks really close to our unit so we peeked out the window and for sure, a rescue truck was parked right in front of our neighbor’s unit.  Poor guy had to be taken to the hospital.  It had stopped raining and the power had come back on, so back to bed we went.  Well very shortly after, I heard a buzz that then became a vibration and then it got louder and louder.  It was vibrating really hard right below the bathroom floor.  We had no clue what it was.  

Since it was very wet outside and probably around 2 a.m., John disconnected the unit from shore power and the vibration stopped.  Off to sleep we went until first thing this morning.  When we woke up John connected us to shore power again.  Of course, the vibration started again.  So we decided to try to isolate the problem.  We knew it was getting a feed from electricity, and we witched all the breakers on and off one at a time and still the vibration persisted.  We were totally puzzled.  Luckily, along came the owner of the campground, which when we explained the situation was as dumbfounded as we were.

He decided to help John, and both climbed in the belly of the unit.  John removed the side walls to look and the mechanics and sure enough it was our full unit surge protector.  One of the switches was vibrating badly.  We turned the shore power off to confirm it was the problem and sure enough, the switch stopped vibrating.  We never thought of our surge protector.

Now, on to find someone who has that darn switch in stock and who can install it, as he must be proficient.  Thank goodness we have a generator. 

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