Finally, we got to see the kids in Charleston, SC

We arrived in Charleston and are staying at Oak Plantation which is located on US 17 (Savannah Highway).  This is one of the prettiest campgrounds we’ve stayed at.  Oak trees are everywhere.  Our site has no trees, but that suits us just fine as that way we are able to get satellite reception.

We were able to connect with Randy and Carolyn and meet them for a quick dinner, close to their new apartment in Daniel Island and got to see the nursery for the very first time.  Our excitement is building!!!!

Katrina flew from Cheyenne, Wyoming into Atlanta and drove in with Carolyn’s youngest sister, Lindsay, to attend Carolyn’s baby shower Saturday.  It was held at her sister, Jenny’s home and she baked the most amazing coconut cake, which only took her 10 hours to complete.  She began the process on Thursday and asked if I would consider helping her wrap some presents, which, of course I was more than willing to do.  Well, while I wrapped, she began following some gourmet recipe from some gourmet Charleston chef.  The experience was rough to say the least!  I never knew how bad Hell’s Kitchen could really be.  She is a much better woman than I as I would never have ventured into even trying to bake, especially a complex recipe, and would have gone straight to plan B (Publix) even before my very first obstacle.  On her fourth attempt, it did turn out amazing and it was a real labor of love.  God bless her.

Apparently, the campground must be somewhere in the boondocks because we get every thunderstorm that passes by.  On Friday night, it rained and rained and thundered and thundered.  That was not enough.  We lost power, our neighbor was picked up by rescue and was taken to the hospital, we got hit by lightning and our surge protector paid the ultimate price, but it dutifully did its job and protected ALL our appliances.  We survived the following day by using the generator in the meantime.  We called in a tech to rewire the surge protector so that it could still work in the unlike event we got hit by lightning again.  We ended up searching all over for a new switch, found and ordered one and it will be arriving soon.  The tech will have to come out again and properly rewire the surge protector again.

The shower was just lovely.  Carolyn’s aunts surprised her by attending from out of town and she was all smiles.

John and I took Randy, Carolyn and Katrina for dinner at Halls Chophouse.  Reservations need to be made months in advance and Carolyn, being the planner she is, took care of this detail and that was wonderful.  I’ve had many steak dinners, but I do have to admit I had the most exquisite filet on the bone I have ever enjoyed.  We all enjoyed our meals and had a wonderful time.

You all know how this Facebook thing works.  We posted being at Halls and wouldn’t you know it, our neighbors, Kim and Rob Loranger happened to also be in town, so we met them at a neighborhood bar and kept having fun.

Sunday night we met John’s cousin Vivian and her husband Skip at Fleet Landing in downtown Charleston for dinner and to Kaminsky for dessert and coffee and drinks.  For whatever reason we had never been to any of these establishments and we obviously missed great treats.

On Monday we drove to Kiawah Island and took Jackson to Beachwalker  County Park which is the only dog beach in the area.  Of course, as soon as he sees sand, he starts hunting for crabs.  It’s actually pretty funny to watch.  On our way back we drove on a dirt road for who knows how long to visit Angel Oak, which is estimated to be about 1400-1500 years old.   This is a site not to be missed if you are in the area.

The switch for the surge protector arrived and the unit got rewired so we are now protected against any more power fluctuations.  Let’s just hope the coming storm approaching this week continues its northeast track and totally misses us.  If it’s at all the same, I would rather not have to deal with any more power outages and for that matter rain.

We are getting ready to watch Belgium v. USA and will catch up with you later. 

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