Our Week in Hilton Head

John had a conference in Sea Pines Plantation in Hilton Head Island, SC. and the dates coincided perfectly with the RV’s facelift.  So on we went to Sea Pines Plantation and stayed in a 1 bedroom condo overlooking the harbor with a view of the lighthouse in Harbortown.  The view was absolutely gorgeous.

View from our condo:

The view from a side street park:

We rode our bikes everywhere throughout Sea Pines, walked the beach, ate more food than we should have and we also did some drinking, oh well, you know, any meal without wine is called breakfast.

Some ride their bikes along the many beautiful shaded bike trails all along Hilton Head and some ride right on the sandy beaches.  All in all, this is just a wonderful place to ride.  Old or young, no matter and no worries.

During one of the many bike rides, I had put my phone in the basket of my bike, which happens to be pretty deep and is connected to the handle bars.  There was a terrible storm the night before and crews were out cleaning up the streets.  A lady was sweeping a bike path, and her cart was parked on the path so I had to ride over some small tree limbs on the street, the next thing I know, I look in the basket and my phone was just gone.  It was no longer in the basket.  After a few moments of freaking out, because in addition to all the pictures I could no longer retrieve, I keep my driver’s license and ATM card in the phone case.  I really had think about what could have happened but didn’t have a single clue, as I had not gotten off the bike, nor had I fallen, and I was only 10 minutes into the ride.  Fortunately, I was riding with my friend, Jenny Leggette.  I rode all the way back to the condo and returned empty handed.  Jenny suggested I use her phone to call mine.  No answer.  I was really puzzled, so then I called John, who was golfing, to ask him to please answer any incoming calls, regardless of the area code, since I was really hoping for some kind person to pick up the phone and have the decency to call him.  Oh well, my mind was full of thoughts on how long it would take to get my driver’s license again, how long it would take to get my ATM card reissued, etc., where would I ask them to be mailed to, etc.  

A little angel was listening to me and John received a call from a lady who had picked up my phone.  He then called Jenny, who sweetly made the arrangement for us to meet.  The lady apparently was an employee of Sea Pines who happened to be cleaning the sidewalk right where I rode over the small tree limbs.  Apparently, she found the phone on the ground right by the gutter.  It must have bounced out of the basket.   Good thing as it could have been gone forever.

Relief – nothing was missing!!  All was good in the world again.  There are still a handful of good, honest people out there.  

Question:  Do things happen to everyone as frequent as they happen to us?  I often wonder, as I think I would be good with a little less excitement.

Anyway, it was good seeing old friends and their wives and catching up.  By the end of the week we were ready to get back to our simple, normal life, haha, return to our home on wheels and pick up Jackson from doggy Taj Mahal.

Back to Charleston we go to wait for Camden.  I hear his head is down and he is ready, but apparently the oven door is still shut.

I’ll keep you posted!

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