We Have Reached the Florida Keys

We left Jonathan Dickinson State Park in Stuart, Florida after staying there for a month.  John’s back is much better as he went to physical therapy religiously three times per week and is currently strengthening his back to the best of his ability until we reach Charleston for Randy to take over his care.

We stayed at Miami Everglades near Homestead in an area called the “redlands” for several days.  It is a very nice park and we strongly recommend it as a stopping point if you are going all the way south.  

We met up with our friends Jackie and Alan Thayer, whose son played football and roller hocker with our son Randy, way back when we lived in Miami (about 18 years ago).  It was so cool to so quickly connect and we had a wonderful time.  

We then moved a bit further south to our friends, Walter and Linda West’s backyard on our way south.  We literally stayed at the West RV Resort.  The site was all gravel and level with water and 50 amp service, the swimming pool was solar heated, Jackson had the run of their yard, so the “dog park” was amazing.  The food was incredible and the owners could not be more friendly and accommodating.  I highly recommend this resort.  Definitely a 10 out of 10. 

We left this morning and are now in the beautiful Long Key, one of the islands of the Florida Keys. We will keep you posted as to how we shed ourselves of our adult debauchery before we return to Charleston to babysit our sweet Camden.

See you soon!!