Bark, Bark Bark, mommy what is that?

We went fishing (my way), which is going to a fish market where I can get whatever fish I want, cleaned and ready to cook.  No boat, no gas, no sunburn, no need for dramamine, get the picture.  Of course, our little (well probably not so little anymore) Jackson had to come along.  

While we are ordering our fish, there was a guy with a fishing rod fishing (“catching”) off the dock right behind the counter, about 4 feet away from us.  This was not a big deal except that he actually caught something which was exactly what he set out to do just then.  Well surprise, surprise he caught a shark!  Now the fun was going to be how to lift the shark up on the dock, without a gaff, as he was not prepared for such a heavy catch.  

In the meantime, Jackson was barking up a storm, probably wondering what on earth was he barking at?  I don’t think he had ever seen a shark, let alone one swimming right below his nose. Thank goodness Jackson does not like water otherwise he would have jumped right on in but he could not have gotten any closer to the edge of the dock if he tried.  This other short little guy laid down on the dock and feebly attempted to catch the tail of the shark with his bare hands.  The shark was wiggling like crazy trying to get away, which is exactly what I would be doing if I were a shark. 

An oriental guy came from nowhere, was really excited, jumping up and down screaming fitch, fitch, (fish) to which I told him it was a shark and then he changed to screaming chak, chak, (shark).  It was really chaotic.  The guy fishing and the guy laying on the dock were likewise as excited, each loudly screaming at each other in very fast Spanish (which I had the benefit of understanding LOL), the guy fishing telling the other guy to grab hold of the tail, the poor guy trying as hard as he could, and yelling that he just could not stretch out any more, as he must have barely been 4’9″ on a stretch table, Jackson barking as loud as he could, when suddenly the oriental guy brought out a net on a pole.  On the first attempt they caught the shark around its head, which naturally caused the net to break off from the pole as the shark wiggled itself from its webby constraint.  Another bigger fishing net was brought and once the shark was restrained, it was brought up to the dock.  That is when Jackson had a field day.  Jackson got really close and barked and jumped back as the shark would shake its tail with such force that would have hurt him he been struck.  Oh well, it appears that, like crabs, sharks are not meant to be played with.

But yet, another Jackson experience.

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