Jackson is Now a Swimmer – Oh Boy!

I stand corrected.  Our doggie boy, Jackson who is now 4 years old never liked water much.  He always stayed away from our pool, away from ponds, very seldom had he willingly gotten himself in any body of water, including the shower stall, and when he did it’s because he was seduced by either a bird, a fish, lately a shark, and as for bath time, he always needed a gentle tug on his collar. 

As soon as we arrived at Bluewater he got really excited.  He loves to chase lizards and at Bluewater they have the biggest lizards he’d seen in a while, (you know the key west iguanas).  So his sniffer  continuously worked overtime.

The iguanas love to sun themselves on the rocks that make up the seawall, so his new sport was to try to catch them before they hid from him in the cracks of the rocks.   Well this one particular time apparently he had enough and decided that he just was not going to let the one he was eyeing get away and so when it hid out of sight, as I previously said, probably inside one of the crevices between rocks, he just jumped in the water to go after it.  He then realized he was in the water so he just started paddling.  He must have enjoyed the warm water very much, because from then on, when his lead was tied with enough give that he could reach the water, he would just jump in and start swimming.  It was actually really neat to watch, except that now we have one more concern to add to our list.  I have heard of some dogs actually going after fish, perhaps this might be in his future, hmm.

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