Yikes – Our First Ever Truck Breakdown

We broke camp this morning, connected the truck and left the French Quarter RV Resort.  Not even 5 blocks away as we were in the middle lane attempting to make a wide right turn, our truck just quit running.  No warning, it just stopped and began leaking some reddish fluid.  Our guess is transmission fluid, but who knows.  So we found ourselves in the middle lane of a busy intersection, in a NOT good neighborhood waiting for Good Sam Roadside Assist to send a tow vehicle that could tow the truck AND the RV.  THANKFULLY it was daytime and was an extremely busy corner, but right net to the I-10 overpass.  At Good Sam’s suggestion, we called 911.  The operator told us to put our blinkers on (which were already on) and wait as there is not much that could be done.  Not enough cops some say.  That’s reassuring!  The street people and those inebriated and, of course, still drinking, who were hanging around under the overpass, came up to us wondering what was wrong and tried to engage in conversation.  Can we help you push it? They would ask.  All we know is that 5 minutes later we could have been on I-10 and it would not have been pretty.

Shortly thereafter, a cop showed up and parked behind us.  Thank goodness.  He asked if we were fine and told us he would stay with us until the tow truck arrived.  Funny, how nobody approached us after that.

It took about 2 hours for the tow truck to arrive.  Once connected, we pulled out and had to stop a few blocks away.  He said something about having to disconnect the drive shaft.  The driver went to the bed of his truck and we waited and waited for him to come back, he was on the phone and off.  We noticed that he appeared to be looking for something and soon learned he was missing some kind of socket wrench.  He he had called his boss and was waiting for the socket wrench to be delivered.  Fortunately, John had one, a bit smaller than needed, but the driver had an adapter, and it worked.

In the meantime, Jackson and I stayed in the tow truck, which vibrated like those beds you inserted a quarter into long time ago.  Everything in my body was shaking, and this was without music!  Jackson too was as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof so he decided to just lay down on the seat cushion next to me for a while.  Fortunately, the a/c worked.  

Good Sam Road Assistance also called a hotel relatively near the Dodge dealership so that we could park the RV in their lot for a few days as the French Quarter RV Resort and other nearby campgrounds were sold out in preparation for the French Quarter Festival which starts in two days.  However, I saw that Sams Club was much closer to the dealership so I called and spoke to the manager on duty and she agreed to allow us to park on their side lot.  While I thought the tow truck driver was pretty good as he was able to maneuver the RV into a great spot even though he was working with two pivot points, he told us that he was still in training.  Great!

Upon arriving at the dealership, we learned that they could not even look at the truck until tomorrow.  So we called Enterprise Rent-a-Car.  When they arrived to pick us up they told us that Jackson would not be allowed in the car and if we did put him in the car, there would be a penalty.  Really?  So John went to pick up the car and returned to get me and Jackson.  I guess we will have to detail the car before returning it, otherwise they might just have babies.

I’ll keep you posted.  Memphis, we might just miss you this time.  Who knows. 

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