2018 – Resuming Our Adventure

After a little over two years of constant traveling, on October 2015 we arrived in Central Florida and remained anchored at Torrey Oaks RV Resort in Bowling Green, Florida.  While there we met many wonderful people and had tons of fun.  We purchased a lot, upgraded it and enjoyed many, many fun and lively get togethers and activities not to mention numerous meals, happy hours, breakfasts and all in all had a fabulous time.



The resort was surrounded by an 18 hole golf course and this allowed for John to work on his golf game and I even took up the game.  We went on a cruise to Key West and Cozumel, Mexico with “a few” friends from the park and had a wonderful time.



The Brilliance of the Seas

Deep inside though, we were yearning to continue our travels.  Once we learned the 18 hole golf course was going to be sold, we made up our mind and sold our lot.  We are comforted by the fact that while in Torrey Oaks, we were able to spend precious time with John’s mother and watched her turn 90, 91, 92 ….


We all know how time flies and how fast our families continue to grow.  Randy and Carolyn, now have two amazingly energetic, and adorable little boys, Camden and Peyton.  Katrina is engaged to be married in late October to a great guy, Brian; and Ashley found Ivana, a wonderful partner in her life journey.   They are all incredibly fortunate to be following their dreams.


So, without further ado, we are excited to follow ours.  We began our travels westward bound toward Arizona where we anticipate to winter later this year.  Our first stop was Jonathan Dickinson State Park in Hobe Sound where we reconnected with several friends we had not seen in a long time.  We were greeted by the local chicken who would not leave our site.  Jackson got rather excited however, upon realizing that there were rabbits  everywhere, the “ever so grateful chicken” became second fiddle.



We left Jonathan Dickinson State Park, houseless but not homeless, and headed toward St. Augustine.  St. Augustine is the oldest city in the nation and although I realize that it does not change much, I had not been there since I was a little girl and for that reason, I wanted to see it again.  When we arrived, the constant rain had subsided and was expected to resume in a few days so we took advantage of that and drove to Anastasia Island where we went to Anastasia State Park, the St. Augustine Lighthouse, and visited the beach.



St. Augustine Lighthouse


Jackson loving St. Augustine beach

We went sightseeing, behaved like “tourists” with a camera around my neck and rode the Old Town Trolley.   Actually, making stops all around town was the best way to see the charm and colonial Spanish style buildings which fills the city.


We took a sip from the Fountain of Youth, the grounds of the oldest successful European settlement in the United States and where the 1587 Mission Nombre de Dios church was founded.  Nestled in a natural setting amid beautiful gardens where peacocks (males) and peahens (females) roam freely. There were gorgeous peafowl (both males and females) which I incorrectly thought were albinos but instead were literally all white, due to a missing gene.




Castillo De San Marcos


Bridge of Lions

DSCN4330 2

Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse


Oldest House


Old Jail


Flagler College

On to Jacksonville, park the RV and travel to Charleston to spend time with the grands.  Woohoo!



Colorado – Land of Beautiful Scenery

We left Sturgis earlier than planned, just two days into the actual rally.  It started getting quite a bit rowdier than we cared to stick around for.  Linda and Walter left to return to Florida, as they were expecting their first grandchild’s arrival.  Doug and Kelly continued with us for the first portion of our Colorado experience.  We decided to drive through Wyoming and stayed overnight in Cheyenne.

The following day we arrived in Estes Park and settled in.  Estes Park is a quaint mountain village at the entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park.  We were excited as we drove into the park the following day.  The park was celebrating its 100th Anniversary.  We ascended via Rocky Mountain National Park’s Trail Ridge Road, the highest major highway in North America and with every turn we were more and more breathless, both literally and figuratively.

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