Our Favorite Break from Our Travels

Randy and Carolyn absolutely needed a mini-vacation and back in February we excitedly and gladly volunteered to babysit our two adorable little grandsons.  We talked about bringing Jackson with us but were warned that Jackson and the boys might just be a bit too much.  Of course, the final decision was totally left up to us, but after some discussion, we thought perhaps it would be best if we provided undivided attention to the boys.  So off to doggie Taj Mahal Jackson went.

They left very early the following morning, cautious that if they were to be seen by the little ones, meltdowns would soon follow.  At 6:30 am sharp, stirring sounds began, way before coffee.  Both boys hit the ground running, and after breakfast and lots of play, it was only 8:30 a.m.   We looked at each other and said, they were right, bringing Jackson would not have been a good idea.  When would we have had time to walk him?

Spending undivided time with the grands was fabulous.  We took them for ice cream, played and played, snuggled, cuddled, watched their favorite tv program Peppa Pig at least 100 times, (not exaggerating) and on our last night we all went out to dinner with our friends, Kelly and Doug.  The boys were fabulous at the restaurant.  Frankly, we could not even tell we had little ones with us.  They were wonderful for grammy and grandpa and gave us not a bit of trouble and what we are the most proud of is that there were absolutely no meltdowns!   Woohoo!!


We were truly sad to leave as we had so much fun and loved bonding with the boys, but it was time for us to resume our travels.  Looking forward to seeing you boys, Randy and Carolyn in October for Katrina’s wedding in Colorado!

After a full day of much needed rest, we will resume our  adventures.  On to Navarre Beach, Florida.


2 thoughts on “Our Favorite Break from Our Travels

  1. Our little Macy has finally given me a break so I can delve into your blog. Six hours into our trek home. Now the fun begins as I cruz through your blog. As you suggested, I will go back to the beginning and check out Vermont!!! Woohoo! Thanks so much for your hospitality last night and sharing very valuable info with us. God Bless and enjoy Navarre!

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