Dallas/Fort Worth – Arlington

Upon our arrival in Arlington, I immediately scheduled the last six weeks of physical therapy and worked harder than ever to improve my range of motion.

While there we ventured out but not as much as we would have wanted due to constant rain.  We visited the stockyards in Fort Worth  where the Old West comes to life during a twice daily cattle drive.  Texas cowhands dress up with authentic chaps to boots and hats, as they drive a herd of longhorns down Exchange Avenue.  I was a bit disappointed as I expected more than 15 longhorns, however, if I were one of those poor longhorn cattle, I wouldn’t be overly eager to volunteer my participation either, although it might just be my only source of exercise.  But, I digress!

John wanted me to experience Billy Bob’s Texas, if only but for lunch.  Billy Bob’s is known as the World’s Largest Honky Tonk. This is truly an incredibly large establishment of 100,000 sq. ft. where, in addition to large dance floors and band stands for musical events by country music’s biggest stars, it has a mechanical riding bull, a real bull riding arena, numerous food venues, and of course, the obligatory over 30 bar stations.  I can’t even imagine what it might be like on a Saturday night.

We also went to the University of Miami v. Louisville college football game, as they were playing at the AT&T Stadium.  Regardless of the fact that Miami played very poorly and lost overwhelmingly, we did enjoy the experience.  John has always wanted to visit college venues around the country and if nothing else, this one was a very nice one.

It’s time to go and I’m so glad to report that I now have full range of motion and ready to tackle strength retraining.  We leave tomorrow toward Arizona, so stay tuned for more adventures.





















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