California Here We Come!!!

The RV came out of the hospital looking mighty spiffy.  It even got new shoes.  The truck has also been looked at, or so we thought.  We installed air bags on the truck and when we were ready to go, John activated the bags only to hear the compressor but the bags weren’t filling.  If it’s not thing one, well then it must be thing two.  We have to go with the flow.

Our first stop in California, was Barstow.  This was meant to only be a short stop over while we visited a friend in Huntington Beach.  People had told us that it was just a truck stop, nothing to see there.  Well, it was a very large truck stop as it has a population of over 23,000 people.  The first thing we saw was a drive-in movie theater.  I have  never been to one and thought it might be cool to go, except I wasn’t fond of what they were playing.  We stopped at a local Italian restaurant and I asked the waitress for things to do while in the area.  She shrugged and said “EAT?”  Their food was very good.

The following morning John tried to get a mechanic to look into why the air bags weren’t inflating and none could look at it for a few days so after getting instructions on what to look for from the mechanic who installed it, he got under the truck and after having to go to several auto stores, he fixed it, all for the cost of a coupling.  Apparently, the tube connecting the air bag from the air compressor was rubbing against one of the tires and developed a hole.  No wonder air was not getting through.


As a result of having to fix the truck’s air bags, we were saddened not able to meet our friend in Huntington Beach.  On the bright side, we did find a neat place called Peggy Sue’s.  This roadside diner was a true Old Fashioned Tourist stop and it was adorable.  Yes, they cater to truckers, but also to tourists and locals.  The walls were totally decorated with 50’s memorabilia and a 5 & dime store.  The owner had moved from Southern California and was looking to open a place where she could display all of her movie and TV props.  There was 50’s and 60’s music playing all throughout and various seating areas each with a different theme.  And… the food was oh sooo good.  That waitress was correct!


Stay with us, the fun is just about to begin in earnest!


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