Paso Robles Wines, Wines and more Wines

We arrived in Paso Robles and loved seeing the hills covered with grapevines planted in a north and south orientation so they can get better access to the sun.

We initially visited J.Lohr, Graveyard, Cass and Taylor James, all good wineries.  I loved Graveyard winery and what made it unique was its location literally next to a cemetery.  Taylor James was very interesting as its tasting room was fun and very colorful.


We usually don’t follow special events but we were fortunate to have arrived just in time for Paso Robles’ Annual Wine Festival.  This festival was so much fun, as they had great food, fun music and of course, wine, wine and more wine.  Over 80 wineries participated and it was a great way to sip, swirl and enjoy without having to drive all over creation.


Obviously, not all wineries were present, and there were some we really didn’t want to miss, so off to Sculpterra we went.  Friends had recommended it as the gardens were filled with beautiful sculptures, which certainly did not disappoint.  Oh, I almost forgot, the entrance gate is just spectacular!




During our last weekend, we enjoyed a delicious lunch and wine tasting at Justin Vineyards.  Wow! What a beautiful vineyard! The grounds were absolutely immaculate and the setting was amazing, as was their food and oh, my goodness their wines!


Well I would tell you we are all wined out, but that was not quite true.  We had to visit just one more vineyard and in my opinion we left the best for last.   Daou sits atoa very large hill and it was even more beautiful than Justin and I can’t say enough about its wines.  Even though it was a misty and cold day, the beauty could easily be seen.  Imagine this view on clear day!  Wow!!

Stay with us as I believe you will love where we will be going next.  See you soon!


2 thoughts on “Paso Robles Wines, Wines and more Wines

  1. Awesome Alina! We are going to follow soon I hope, knee replaced on Monday. Ernesto is working in his old business thru August and we have shown the house twice!

  2. This is fabulous! There is nothing like that country and if I were queen that’s where I would live!!! So beautiful. You are on an extraordinary journey. Can’t wait to hear what’s next!

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