Yosemite National Park

One of the most fun experiences about RVing is getting to meet people from all walks of life and keeping in touch with those whom you instantly connect.  During our winter stay in Arizona, we met Mike and Kim Romaner, a really fun and cool couple from the East Coast who are likewise fulltimers.  We reconnected and learned that they too wanted to visit Yosemite during the same time period so we decided to meet at Half Dome Lodge and see this amazing park together.  We agreed to reserve a cabin and spend the night so we again apologized to Jackson as he had to be kenneled, and set off on our adventure.

On the appointed day we woke up really early and decided we would stop off for breakfast, but as we drove past the nearest town, we were so excited we simply forgot, only to remember much later as our stomachs were quick to remind us.  Not knowing whether we were going to find anything along the way, we came across Tenaya Lodge.  This four star resort was nestled in the woods and it was just spectacular, adorable cabins or various sizes spread throughout the property and when we arrived at the main lodge we were treated like royalty.  The lobby was beautifully appointed as was the dining area.  As soon as we were seated and our  order was taken (apparently the clock started ticking) because the waitress approached us and to our surprise told us that because the kitchen had delayed our order (it had only been fifteen minutes) breakfast was on the house.  Now, that is service!  Should we return to this area, this is one place we will just have to stay in.


We continued on and after passing the tunnel into Yosemite we were awestruck by the amazing beauty of this park.  Pictures just don’t do it justice.  Yosemite is open year-round and it is known for its jaw dropping views of granite cliffs, unusual rock formations and its impressive waterfalls, which are always best in the spring and can slow to a trickle by late summer.



The Yosemite Valley is home to El Capitan (on the left), Half Dome (in the middle towards the back) and the iconic Bridal Veil Falls to the right.

As we ventured deeper into the park we were absolutely mesmerized by the beauty around us.





Bridal Veil Falls


Yosemite Falls is the tallest in North America.


And of course, to see Vernon Falls a moderate hike was required

DSCN7715 2DSCN7742DSCN7721


We also hiked to see Mirror Lake which was incredible.



Michael had prearranged dinner reservations at the Majestic which was formerly known as the Ahwahnee.

The following day on our drive out of Yosemite we drove up the road to Glacier Point which so happened to be closed the day prior due to snow, so we timed our visit impeccably.

DSCN7802DSCN7787DSCN7782RSCN7781DSCN7791DSCN7792RSCN7796 2DSCN7812DSCN7810

A few days afterwards we visited Bass Lake, a beautiful recreational area nearby with lovely waterside eateries and shops.

Eventually time came for us to break camp to move on to our next adventure.  So keep your eyes open!


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