Salt Creek Falls/Crater Lake National Park/Diamond Lake

We left Medford and headed north with the intention to only visit Crater Lake National Park.  However, when we arrived at the campground we were informed of some beautiful waterfalls nearby and once settled in, off exploring we went.  Salt Creek Falls is the second tallest waterfall in Oregon at 286′.

The following day, we decided to visit Crater Lake National Park and the crown jewel of Oregon.  This lake is the country’s deepest at 1,943 and was created by the blow out of the top of Mount Mazana thousands of years ago.  The blueness and size of the lake is just mesmerizing.


Wizard Island


Upon our arrival the east rim was closed due to snow so we drove the western rim.  We arrived at Crater Lake Lodge and upon entering, we noticed the lit fireplace which made the place warm and cozy.


DSCN8554 2DSCN8553DSCN8557

Imagine sitting out on the back deck, enjoying a beverage while overlooking one of the most beautiful sights you have ever seen.

DSCN8555 2

We were about to leave the park when we decided to talk to a ranger at the Visiting Headquarters and they informed us that the park had just opened a small portion of the east rim, but just enough to be able to reach Sun Notch and see the phantom ship, a small island rock formation which resembles a ghost ship especially when fog is present.


DSCN8573 2

We continued to drive through the park and noticed that every road, every parking lot, every area that needed to be plowed was bordered by 20′ poles.  I imagine that the snowpack is so high that the areas that need to be snow plowed have to identified.


We absolutely loved this park and pictures just do not do it justice.  One our way back we made the decision to stop by Diamond Lake for a late lunch and we were so glad we did.

We stopped by a lake resort that had outside seating with a beautiful view of Mt. Bailey on account that Jackson was with us.  It felt like a relaxing summer camp with so many people playing in and out of the tremendously cold water.  It was an excellent people watching environment too!

Again, it’s time to move on, so stay with us!


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