We Arrived In Oregon!

If you follow our journey, you may have noticed that we do not like to drive long distances from one location to another.  Our ideal travel day is not to have to drive for longer than 3 hours.  By so doing, we set up on the first night, drive around and explore the next day and if there is anything additional that we want to see in the area we extend our time.  When we arrived in the Medford/Gold Hill area we drove around Jacksonville, a historic gold rush town, home of Britt Music Festival, the gateway to the Applegate Valley, now known for its cultural and epicurean scene.  We decided to have a late lunch at Schoolhouse Brewhouse, a festive German bar and restaurant in a quaint brick 1905 schoolhouse, which also holds community events.



The following day we took at jet boat tour along the Rogue River which was very adventurous and exciting.  We were dropped off at a lodge for a delicious lunch and returned after we were able to see some wildlife along the banks, including deer, blue herons and bald eagles along the way.




The highlight of this trip was the deep walled Hellgate Canyon, where we saw what are believed to be the oldest rocks in the state.


The Rogue River flows from the Cascasde Range westward to the Pacific Ocean.  It is well known for its whitewater rafting and its beautiful scenery.

We left Jacksonville and returned to Gold Hill and prepared to continue on.  More to come!



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