Long Beach Peninsula, WA

We crossed into Washington via the Astoria Bridge and visited Long Beach.


Known for its boardwalk and incredibly long beach, 28 miles in extent, Long Beach claims to be the longest beach in the United States and the world’s longest drivable beach, although on the day we visited we did not see any vehicles.  We did take Jackson and he absolutely loved it!

We continued north and by happenstance arrived at Oysterville.  We stopped at the Oysterville Sea Farm which sits on the edge of Willapa Bay, where fresh oysters and clams abound and are available to take home or one could enjoy a glass of wine while sitting on its deck overlooking the serene area.


We came across and visited the Pacific Coast Cranberry Research Museum operated by the University of Washington and walked around their cranberry bogs on a self-guided tour.  The museum was very interesting and its gift shop contained items from soaps to juice all centered around cranberries but the best part was tasting its delicious cranberry ice cream.



Also, in their property we saw bumble bee farms with tons of very colorful heather bushes.  We must remember, no bees-no food.  We moved on from this area so stay tuned for the continued journey.

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