Hoodsport/Point Defiance Park – Tacoma

We continued on to the Olympic Peninsula where we would finally anchor for several weeks, but on our way we stopped at Hoodsport, a small coastal community known for its oyster farms along the Hood Canal where the navy has a submarine base for its Trident submarines (nuclear).  We drove over the Hood Canal Bridge several times.  This bridge is the longest floating bridge over salt water in the world and it connects the Kitsap Peninsula to the Olympic Peninsula.


The views during our drive were nothing short of spectacular and we were again very fortunate to have beautiful weather as early morning fog was nowhere to be seen.



We stayed at an RV park for a few relaxing days overlooking the Hood Canal watching ferry boats going by and where during low tide one could go oystering.



Warnings not to walk barefoot were posted as oysters abound!!



At the suggestion of locals we visited Hama Hama Oyster Mama for the best oysters in the area.  This establishment enjoys a great reputation, rightfully so, and gets incredibly crowded.  We endured a long waiting line but they oysters were very delicious.  The area was surrounded by mounds of crushed oysters, which get recycled as driveways and pads for the nearby areas.



From Hoodsport we drove thru Tacoma and arrived at the northernmost point of Tacoma, Point Defiance Park, its most famous attraction.  This 700 acre park juts out into Puget Sound, with cliffs, an old-growth forest, various drop dead gorgeous gardens, footpaths, an amazing zoo, an aquarium, Ft. Nisqually nearby and of course, let’s not forget an amazing view of Mt. Rainier is the background.

One of the most visited areas of the park were side by side slides and steps utilized by both adults and children alike who thoroughly enjoyed this means of getting to bottom of the cliff.

DSC_0625.jpg Just perfect!



Jackson loved this particular adventure too!


Beautiful gardens!



Rose Garden


Japanese Garden



We also had the opportunity to visit Fort Nisqually, a 19th century trading post and early European settlement which is currently a living historical exhibit.


After a few days we moved on to Chimacum, a really small town outside Port Townsend in the Olympic Peninsula from where we explored the area.

Stay tuned as more is coming!