Jackson Lost in the Wild…Almost

For those who have been following us, you know that we are in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.  We have no cell service but depending on which campground we are in, internet may or may not be available.

So, having said that, we can’t use Jackson’s tracker because we get texts whenever he is out of the designated zone.  As a result, we try to be very careful to have him on leash.

We decided to travel to Iona, a small highland village close to the campground.

Upon arriving at the little village, we see a school with a beautiful view as a background and knowing that Jackson need to be releaved, we parked and let him out.  John saw that the school ground was fenced, and although I had mentioned to him that the fence did not surround the entire property, he felt that Jackson would just run around and come right back.

Well, Jackson did run around and ran some more, and some more and then disappeared in the woods behind the school. We went after him calling his name over and over for an hour or more but could not hear not see Jackson.  He was not barking, as he was not really after anything specific.  He was just running and sniffing.  

We started to get really concerned and were starting to talk about options when John decided he would drive up the road a bit.  The roads here are difficult to maneuver so he ended driving about a mile up the road before he was able to turn around.  In the meantime, I’m deep in the woods calling his name and getting terribly upset.

John returned and parked his truck in a different location and then walked back to the woods to continue calling for Jackson to come back.  Out of nowhere, Jackson runs up to him, looks at him straight in the eye and keeps running toward the playground, which was about 10 feet from where he had originally parked the truck.  

We were obviously both pretty upset and as you can imagine, I was angry.  Let’s hope this does not happen again.


Rough day today.  We leave for Halifax tomorrow.

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