We hurried back to Charleston and Now We Wait and Wait and Wait

We returned to Charleston and picked up our RV which was in the hospital getting it’s first facelift of hopefully not many more to come.   I just figure the RV’s facelifts are way cheaper than mine would ever be.  So… I live vicariously.

SURPRISE!  When we picked it up, of course, it was not ready.  Funny, we must have had some strong stuff (apple pie moonshine or something) to drink because we really thought it would be.

Anyway the carpet and vinyl flooring had been removed and the engineered hardwood was installed along with the carpet in the living room slide and in the bedroom.

The washer and dryer were removed from the closet because they had to install the carpet underneath them.  Well wouldn’t you know, the “somebody” in the payroll that every business has, but no one really knows, forgot to reconnect the dryer vent to the dryer.   So, as luck would have it, I do a load of laundry and the entire bedroom fills with lint.  What the…

They replaced the door jams in the both the bedroom and bathroom with real wood and if you can believe this, you could put a finger between the jams and the doors when the doors are shut.  Also, you could open the bedroom door either way.  If not for the hinges, you would think I have a cafe door.

The carpet was removed from the steps leading up to the bathroom and bedroom and replaced it with engineered hardwood.  Well in their infinite wisdom they added a strip on the edge of each step,  of some other type of wood and it has about a 1/4 inch lip above the flooring, on which anyone could trip.

The Stainmaster mohawk carpet on the living room slide looks absolutely great, but needs to be cut back because when the slide goes in, about a foot gets squished by the kitchen island.

Oh, I leave the best for last.  We decided to replace the four door fridge with a residential fridge.  To those who do not know, there was a drawer under the four door fridge which had to be removed for the new fridge to fit into the opening, which was okay, except that they installed the fridge on the existing platform of the old fridge (right above the old drawer).  It looked good until I opened the fridge.  Since I am vertically challenged, I could not reach any of the top shelves.  I literally have to use a step stool to add or remove items from the top shelves.  It’s actually amusing.

Anyway, it’s a darn good thing that I am heavily medicated, otherwise the Cuban in me would have come out and it would not have been pretty.

In fairness, I think they bit off more than they could chew and they thought that they could finish the project while we stayed in the campground.  However, after realizing how much needs to done, they decided to take the RV back next week and correct all the pending items.  They are being extremely nice and will be putting us up in a cabin in the campground, so we won’t be too tremendously inconvenienced.

In the meantime, I’ll keep taking my happy pills and drink lots of wine.

I’ll keep you posted.

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