Bluewater Key RV Resort – Now That’s Living!!

We arrived at Bluewater Key RV Resort and found our site.  All lots have fully grown foliage as boundaries between sites making every one very private.  Also, since they are all privately owned, they are all landscaped differently.  However, at a minimum, the sites on the water, such as ours, must all have a tiki hut and a dock. The view from this site is quite spectacular except since we are on the ocean side we will not be able to see sunsets, just sunrises.  Oh well, I guess I’ll have to set my alarm clock as I haven’t been up before 9ish in a very long time.  It has a floating dock, a Tiki Hut with running lights for evening comfort and includes a table with four chairs.  We immediately set up our hammock and got ready to do what we do best – relax and do nothing.

Our friends and neighbors from Greenville, SC, Bruce and Mary Clare Hadsell joined us on Thursday and spent the weekend. They are gluttons for punishment.  The boys are betting on who was going to get painted.  Silly boys!  Neither of us girls could imagine putting the poor artist through such a traumatic event.

Finally, we had the RV and truck washed and waxed so they can be  ready for yet more adventures.  The RV was so dirty that since I had limited internet service, I opted to write the draft of the blog side of the RV.   Can’t do that anymore, I guess I’ll revert back to using the laptop.  Oh well.  Nothing good lasts forever.

To those who are unaware, Stone Crab season began on October 15th so guess what we had for dinner?


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