Our stay at Fiesta Key

We’ve been staying at Fiesta Key RV Resort for the past two weeks and though we have not done much of anything, all in all we’ve had a wonderful time.  The site given to us upon arrival was just plain  amazing.  We could see boats going by, fish swimming along the sea wall, birds flying above us and then honing in on their prey, all while enjoying fabulous weather and an incredible ongoing breeze.

 John was able to get an epidural shot in his back and finally he now feels real relief, thank goodness.  
We went fishing several times successfully, (naturally my way, of course).  By now, you know what that means.  Haha.  I do hope the fishermen out there don’t get too awfully upset with me.  After all, but for them I couldn’t go fishing. 
Our friends, Linda and Walter West met us at Lazy Days Restaurant which is just south of Islamorada for a delicious lunch.  I ordered lion fish for the very first time and it was really, really good.   So good in fact, I highly recommend you try it when available.  Lion fish have long spines around their entire bodies, kind of like porcupines but in the water, so the stinkers no predators and they are really wreak havoc for the marine environment.   However, they are truly delicious to eat.

In the meantime, everyday we would wake up to a gorgeous view from the inside of our unit.

From here we would watch sunsets 

These are some of the beautiful sunsets we have the privilege to enjoy!

We had the amazing good fortune to reconnect with several couples, whom we have known for many, many years.  Rich and Sandy Mahshi and Alan and Jackie Thayer.  John has known Rich since 1968 and was in their wedding in 1982.  Our friends of over 20 years, Alan and Jackie Thayer, also came by for dinner and stayed to watch one of the many gorgeous sunsets we had the opportunity to enjoy.  We befriended a really fun couple, Ken and Renee Diaz.  They are the exact opposite of us.  She is the “Gringa” and he is Cuban and happens not to speak Spanish.   Ken and Renee would sit on the bench (shown above) and we would sit on camping chairs every evening to watch the sunsets.  He did not care for Jackson licking his legs.  Unfortunately, that was all Jackson wanted to do.  We just couldn’t keep him away.  It got so bad, I had to ask if he was wearing some cream or something.  It so happened that he used coconut oil, Jackson’s favorite.  He stopped using it and it slowed Jackson down, but boy was he a magnet.  We also met an older couple, Jack and Jill.  Really, those were their names.  He was a retired embalmer (Funeral Director) and she, a retired nurse.  To those who know me well would then understand what came next.  I asked if when she took care of the living would she give a parting gift – her husband’s business card – you know –  for when the time came.  I also had no qualms to ask whether he had ever practiced on her for makeup and hairdo’s, which after much laughter from others, it happened that he did!  I guess you’d have to think of him as the hairdresser and makeup artist for the everafter.   Eewwww.   Anyway, sorry I digress.

As far as Jackson was concerned, he too had a lot of fun.  As you know, we had already introduced him to a shark.  A few days later, a couple of baby sharks swam by our site and, of course, Jackson became so intrigued that he just had to jump in the water.  However, once he realized that the sharks had swam away and that he was actually in the water, which he really dislikes, he unsuccessfully tried to climb back up on the sharp rocks, which serve as the sea wall.  Instead, he just got his two front paws on one of the rocks and just started barking and crying until mom had to come to the rescue.  I just wished I had a camera, as his big brown eyes were just pleading for help, he actually looked pretty funny.  For the remainder of our stay however, he never jumped in again, which is a good thing because there were also many jellyfish floating around.

We sadly left this place this morning and arrived at Bluewater Key RV Resort.  More on that to come soon!!

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