Passing thru Oklahoma and New Mexico

From Arlington, we drove to the outskirts of Oklahoma City and met with Renee and Ken Diaz, RV friends we met several years ago in the Florida Keys, for lunch.  While at the RV Park, for the first time I saw ground shelters for tornados.  They had these bunkers in various locations around the park and I immediately began to wonder, wow, how many people fit into one of these things.  Is there ventilation, what if you are claustrophobic.  I guess if a tornado is coming, all those questions and probably many more, if I really gave it some thought, are immaterial.  Remember, Floridians do not usually build anything underground, unless it’s going to be a submarine.

While in Oklahoma, John got the hairbrained idea to drive to Joplin, MO, which was only 3 hours away, to purchase Michelob Golden Light.  During a previous trip to St. Louis, we recall enjoying this beer very much and knew from past experience that Anheuser-Busch only distributed  it in five states, Missouri being one.  So off to Joplin John said we had to go.


Fifteen cases later, we were driving back to figure out how to place it in the RV.  Our drive out of Oklahoma into New Mexico was relatively uneventful except for a minor situation, we had a blow out.  A semi truck happened to be passing us and we heard a loud pop.  John mentioned that the semi just had a blowout, but when the semi kept on going and John looked through his rearview mirror, oh dear, it was us!  We do have a tire monitoring system, so why did we not get any warnings?  Should it not have read hot or something???  Oh well!

Fortunately for us, we had Good Sam Roadside Assist and it was early in the day.  After a couple of  hours on the side of the road, the tire was changed with the spare, a new tire was purchased down the road and on to Arizona we went.  Can you just imagine what John had to endure for the rest of the trip?

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