Elvis, Oh Elvis… Where are you?

Thank goodness the truck breakdown saga is now over with.  Kudos to Good Sam Roadside Assistance.  They paid over $1,000.00 for two tows, no questions asked.  The best insurance any RVer could ever have.  On our last day in NOLA, we drove our rental car to the French Quarter one last time.  I did get my beignet fix, John got his hotdog fix, and we met yet another retired friend from Tampa, FL at Acme’s for a hello/goodbye lunch.  We left Pontchartrain Landing RV Campround and Marina in New Orleans, Louisiana on Saturday morning.  The night before it rained cats, dogs, kittens, puppies and lots of animals too.  Since we were parked on the boat ramp, you could see the rain water, combined with mud, rushing down the ramp and into the river.  It was pretty eerie to watch the flow of the water from our vantage point but most especially for Jackson, who was hearing the sound of the heavy raindrops on our roof, thunder all around, and of the running sludge beneath us.  If I had a Benadryl I think I would have given him one, as his heart was pumping out of his chest, poor little boy.   When the rain subsided a bit later that evening, I took him for a walk and we both had to walk in ankle deep mud.  Of course, after his walk, Jackson was no longer tricolor as he was totally brown and yucky, but he had fun!  In the morning, in order to connect the truck, we also had to mostly walk in the mud.  Now, when the weather does not cooperate, that’s the yuckiest part of our lifestyle, however you do learn to become flexible and very adaptable.  We hosed off and dried up before climbing in the truck and off to Memphis we went.

We drove all the way through to Tom Sawyer’s RV Park, which sits on the Mississippi River in West Memphis, Arkansas.  We arrived at Tom Sawyer’s RV Park and had an unimpeded view of the River.  We’ve saw barges of every shape and size go upstream and downstream.

We drove into Memphis and visited the Peabody Hotel.  This hotel was quite a bit of history, but on the cute side, they have a duck master on their payroll.  You read right.  For 80 years they have paraded had mallard ducks into and out of their lobby fountain.  Everyday, at 11:00 am they march out of the elevator or shall we say, they waddle out, on a red carpet and led to the fountain in the middle of the lobby.  At 5:00 p.m., they get led back to the elevator and back up to the rooftop, where they reside and until the next day.  It is actually really cute to watch.  

The Peabody Lobby:

Duck Master

Rolling out the red carpet and getting ready for the duck march
Descending from the rooftop and coming out of the elevator
And to the fountain they waddle

We drove by Elvis’ home (and the security guard told us he wasn’t in) so we decided to go have lunch on Beale Street instead.  We also drove over 30 minutes to pickup ribs from Corky’s for dinner, a Memphis bar-b-que tradition which has been in business for over 30 years.

Off to Little Rock we go!

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